5 Favorite Things…

Since it looks like the weather is taking a turn for the worse and the impending doom of being stuck at home half the weekend with no way out looms over our heads, I thought I'd take this opportunity to share my 5 Favorite Things to help me stay sane when iced in and stuck at home…

1. A good old fashioned Mani/Pedi party!
    What girl doesn't love playing with nail polish? I say if you're gonna be trapped for the weekend, your hands and feet may as well look good! Be a risk taker and try something a little funky, though. I'd suggest Essie's "For the Twill of it". :)

2. Silly Movie Marathon…
    Assuming the power stays on, silly movies are the way to go. They'll help ease the mind-numbing boredom. My "must-haves" playlist consists of Elf, The Wedding Singer, I Love You Man and all 6 seasons of the Big Bang Theory (even though it's not really a movie, it totally counts)

3. Online Shopping!
     Ok, of all the things to do when trapped at home, this is quite possibly my favorite! And at this time of year, especially! So make sure the laptop is fully charged and credit cards are paid up and get to checking off that Christmas list. And if you happen to find a little time to shop for yourself, check out a few of my personal favorites.
http://www.shopperidot.com/        http://us.asos.com/women/        http://www.uncommongoods.com/

4. Read a Book You've Never Heard of…
    No, seriously. Just Google a specific genre and download a random book to your favorite reading device. Then grab your coziest blanket and a chai tea and settle in for a straight through read. Feeling adventurous? Get the first in a series! Then if you like it, you know there's more to come.

5. Bake, Bake, and then Bake some more!
    Again, assuming the power works, you can't go wrong with baking up some holiday goodies. EVER.

So, what's on your favorites list?

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