My Independence Day Recap

Hope everyone had a great Independence Day! Mine flew by, as most great holidays do. My kiddos complained that we didn't get to do "all the things that we usually do" because I was so busy with all the events at the station and it got me thinking, what makes Independence Day such a great holiday? 

First and foremost, I like easy. I don't do fussy. Example, every Christmas my mother sends me one of those gingerbread houses you put together with pieces of stale cookies, old candy and a frosting-glue hybrid I'm almost positive is toxic. I can't be sure, but I wouldn't advise anyone to test my theory. Every year I make this stupid house because my kids are convinced it's a tradition now. Every year.

Exibit A: Gingerbread House Christmas '09

That's one big reason I love Fourth of July. The extent of prep required is plastic forks, plates and table clothes from Wal-mart and my family doesn't even do that. It's easy and still fun. 

Another reason I am a big fan of the Fourth is because THERE ARE SO MANY ACTIVITIES!

I have said for several years I am going to have to get lake toys but each year we have found so many things to do anyway. Lakes, parks, pools, BBQ's, Magic Springs…so much stuff to do! And outside! (Outside is my favorite.) 

One of the biggest reasons I love holidays is it gives me a time to reflect on what is important. Yes, I should do this all the time but I don't…but I should. I am hoping this changes. I was talking to my dad tonight. He is a pastor and an International missionary. He's seen things. I forget how easy it is to live in America. I try not to take for granted the things I have been given but it is very hard when modern day luxuries are so common place. I have the privledge to live in a country founded on independence. A country that gives us so much. 

Oh, and one last reason, I also like fire…


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