This is how I roll…

I am very busy. At one point I decided to stop using the word "busy" because it has such a bad connotation. Then one day it hit me, I am busy, but I am busy because I choose to be busy. I don't have to do some of the things I do but want to LIVE!!

For Example, my first and foremost…

the husband and kiddos: 

These kids are the perfect blend of mom and dad. I mentioned I was busy, right? Well, it'sbecuase these girls keep me that way. I am so proud of them. I am so impressed with their wit. Daily they amaze me. Here is an example, I pull pranks pretty consistently. Pratical jokes are my love languange.

Exhibit A: Here is a text from some guy named Bricky. I don't know Bricky but it's safe to assume he won't want to be best friends. 


Bricky wasn't amused. 

What does this have to do with my kids being my carbon copy? Here are two examples of my eldest daughter's homework. Column #1 is how she typically writes numbers. Column #2 is how she writes numbers when the directions specifically say," write what the calculator shows". 

This is a constant. There is always some crazy thing these girls are up to. I can never get angry, either, because…well…

Other than work, kids and husband, I also am still acting. It's something I have done since I was a kid. I love improv which is basically sketch comedy created on the spot. It's taking that fear actors have of not knowing their lines and turbo charging it. It's very hard and VERY fun. There wasn't an improv group when I moved back to Hot Springs a year ago, so I started one. We are called Cult Fiction and we just celebrated our first birthday! That's one year of weekly and bi-weekly rehearsals and shows. It's work but it's so fun!

Another thing I am active in is…well, being active…only I don't "do" aerobics. I just can't do it. I CAN play kickball. Maybe not well, but man, do I play. It could be my very favorite thing. My entire family goes out and I play with friends once a week. I played on a league at one point but this current situation is the perfect mix of laid back and competitive. It's awesome. 

I'll stop. I'd keep going but, like I said, I'm busy… but I wouldn't change it.