Thanks, Spa City Car Wash!

I am what you might call "weird" about a few things where cleaning is involved. For example, a pile of dishes in the sink does not bother me much, but they need to be in the actual sink. My husband's tea glass, a GIANT Hulk Hogan mug, seems to always be left NEXT to the sink. This drives me a little batty. My family loves me in spite of my cleaning quirks. They put up with it, anyway. 

Probably one of my most interesting cleaning quirks involves my car. I like it clean. When my car is clean, I feel organized. I might have a list a mile long of things to do and places to be, but I feel organized and ready to face the day after my drive to work in a clean car. Add a little Starbucks action in there and I will quite literally move mountains. (Iced Green Tea. no syrup. It's my vice.) 

So here's the caveat, I have a black car. We live in Arkansas. My in-laws live in Magnet Cove. My sister lives in Greenwood. Kickball is at Whittington Park. Why is that important? Dirt roads, pollen, NATURE attacks my clean car and makes it impossible have my daily moment of zen. 

Typically, I hand wash my car because, let's face it, otherwise it's pointless. After an incredibly tiring week I gave in. Spa City Car Wash opened down the road from the office. My kiddos and I drove through their newest car wash in order to at least wash the dirt off.

The car wash is very straight forward but there is something different about it because NO STREAKS! We all know that you have to hand dry black cars or they streak…but NO STREAKS. I thought it was in my head but that picture of my car above is my car on Monday, three days later. Plus, I got a free vaccuum voucher! So I went back on  Monday and told them thank you. And I will say it again. This busy mom-of-three that works full-time is thankful you opened right down the road. The fact that you are across the road from Starbucks, well that is obviously kismet.

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