APP-y Halloween!!

I have three kids and Halloween is a BIG DEAL at our house. We like to do as much as we can to celebrate and I found some awesome apps that set the tone and make down-time fun with a Halloween-edge. The best part? All of these apps are FREE! I narrowed it down to some of my favorites:


Halloween Booth: The concept is simple. These are like photo stickers for Halloween. Take a pic. Add a sticker. Or twelve. The stickers  allow you to customize your shots and make them spooky then share, share, share away!

ZombieFaced: Pretty simple. Very fun. Make your face into a zombie face. Examples? Not a problem.

Halloween Match: Confession: I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS GAME. It’s a match game. I am not even that good but, man, does it calm nerves. And it’s FREE!

Halloween Ringtones: This app is pretty self-explanatory. There are a plethora of great ringtones to use for texts, alarms and phone calls for the entire month of October. Or year! Enjoy Halloween everyday!

Kid’s Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles: There are a TON of apps that feature fun, Halloween puzzles that are perfect anytime you are waiting. My girls will play these for hours in the car.

Pumpkin Creation: Decorate a pumpkin EVERYDAY! No mess, either. This virtual pumpkin carving game is a hit with my kids. I can’t figure out the drag and drop feature but they don’t seem to care. Check out my pumpkin!

Ghost Observer: This is a ghost hunting app that is totally fake but still FUN. There are in-app purchases, though. These allow you to communicate with the “ghosts”. We do not communicate with ghosts.

Halloween Countdown: I didn’t always to countdown apps but my kids really love them. I started doing them again here recently and it’s fun to see them so excited to count the days down, even though we just looked at it YESTERDAY!

Hope these apps help put you in a feisty, spirited mood! 

Happy Halloween!