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by Amy Hale posted Aug 21 2014 12:56PM
Back to school. Bittersweet. On one hand, the kiddos could use some normalcy. Beating the record for consecutive number of hours playing Mindcraft isn't really something I saw in my oldest's future but she needs to be her own person. I'm sure this will get her someplace in life...probably...

But I also miss seeing them on my lunch break, trips to Magic Springs...we had plans to go to the Drive In with my sister! All that is over because school is back in session and, while they LOVE school, there is a sense of sadness about the end of summer. (cue "Summertime Sadness" right...now.)

Here are the things that are keeping me going and getting me through this CRAZY week trying to establish a routine.

1. This year I will not sweat the small stuff.

If you want to wear a tutu, flip flops, kitty cat ears, sunglasses and a rubber lanyard as a bracelet to preschool, good deal. Just brush your teeth.

2. Find a schedule. No more "winging" it. My husband and I are taking the bull by the horns and getting this down to a fine art. We are figuring out who does what when so all roles are clarified in advance. I love structure. It keeps me sane and from worrying no one picked up the kids.

3. Know it's ok to ditch the schedule. I know, completely contradictory. Hear me out. Things come up. See item #1. Know I didn't lay that out for her to wear. This said, meetings get canceled. Stuff happens last minute. I will go with the flow and when in doubt, check the schedule.

4. Know the house will be a mess Monday through Friday. I love clean. If you asked my kids,"What does your mom like to do?" I'd be surprised if cleaning didn't make the cut.

Side Note: I do a great Zelda Rubinstein impression after a good clean.

Thing is, Martha Stewart isn't coming to critique my kitchen. And if she does, I will hand her a mop. Instead of scrubbing dishes all day, I will sit and watch Bob's Burgers. I MIGHT do laundry but only because I can do it sitting down...and I stress MIGHT.

5. Reassess my priorities. Like big time. More responsibilities. More work. More kiddos in school. More. More. More. Know when to say no. You can't be all things to all people but you are all things to some people. I want to spend my time with the people that make the death of summer so sad in the first place.

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by Amy posted Aug 5 2014 1:40PM
I am in a state of shock. Tax Free Weekend was last week. This is the symbol that it's time to get serious about this going-back-to-school business and I am not happy about it. Where did my summer go?

Regardless of my thought on the subject, school is in two weeks and I have to get prepared. My overly analytical self is in list mode. What we need, what to do, what NOT to do and so on and so on... So I have compiled my list and here it is:

1. Get those babies on a regular sleeping schedule! First priority here! These kids have been running a muck; staying up WAY too late watching Frozen over and over. Now, we listen to our music and read before bed because if we don't start now, we will pay the price in two weeks. I know this from experience.

2. We got this half done last night. School supplies. I want to send a thank you out to my kiddos' school. They PROVIDE the school supplies! It's fantastic! We just have to hunt down the perfect lunchbox that Dad approves of (has to be a certain size for his liking) and a backpack. On the same note, if anyone finds a purple pony backpack, please let me know.

3. First Day of School Outfit. Yes. Enough said. We will also need bows.

4. New Teacher Orinetation: I am so excited about this year as it is the first time I will have all of my kids in school. It's a milestone that is bittersweet. We make a big deal out of "Meet Your Teacher Day" and it is something we always remember.

5. One Last Big Summer '14 Family Outing: Not sure WHAT it will be but we will do something. Bowling. Putt Putt. We even discussed Dallas or Branson. We just want one last memory of summer before it slips away.

It's a tall order but nothing I can't handle. So as I sadly say goodbye to summer, I start getting excited about this things to come.

Like Halloween!

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