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by Amber Westgate posted Jun 4 2014 12:34PM
With Father's Day just around the corner, I've decided to do what I do best...
Use my infinite shopping expertise to help YOU find the perfect gift for your daddy.
The "outdoor" Dad...
The "sports fan" Dad...
The "gadget guy" Dad...
There's something here for EVERY dad.
These are my insider secrets.
Guard them with care.
I'm doing the hard part for you.
So no excuses. ;)
Happy Shopping!

For the "Outdoor" Dad:

This Coleman Portable Oven will keep the hungriest of dad's fed well! Even while camping!
You can find it at http://www.coolthings.com/coleman-outdoor-portable-oven-stove/

For the "Sports Fan" Dad:

CHECK IT OUT! It's a scooter and a cooler in ONE! It's the Cruzin' Cooler!
What dad wouldn't want to cruise around his favorite tailgating spot in this bad boy??!!?

For the "Gadget Guy" dad:

The Phonesoap Smartphone Sanitizer... because who wants their daddy to "talk dirty"?

For the "Dork" Dad:

Warning: This building block mug may cause dorky dads everywhere to squeal with delight!

For the "Hipster" Dad:

Trust me... this is as "Hipster" as it gets.

There you have it! Something for virtually every kind of daddy!
Which kind of dad do you have?

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