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by Amy posted Jul 29 2014 2:49PM
About a month ago my husband pulled up a chair to the computer and said,"watch this." That was the beginning of my love affair with "Chandelier" by Sia. It also marks the moment I declared I needed to get my girls into dance. Like yesterday. 

The song is haunting but the dance is what makes the video...and the little girl is 11 years old. Her name is Maddie Ziegler and, man, can that girl dance. 


It started with a Tweet.  “Hey, Maddie, would you like to be in my new video for my new song ‘Chandelier?’” was the tweet that launced a little girl to stardom, not that Maddie wasn't already pretty popular. She's on Dance Moms! But her notoriety from this video has far surpassed her fame on Dance Moms. If you haven't seen the video, here is your chance to check it out. Just know I warned you, you will be calling dance schools after watching this. 

Sia Video

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by Amy Hale posted Jul 22 2014 4:45PM
I am what you might call "weird" about a few things where cleaning is involved. For example, a pile of dishes in the sink does not bother me much, but they need to be in the actual sink. My husband's tea glass, a GIANT Hulk Hogan mug, seems to always be left NEXT to the sink. This drives me a little batty. My family loves me in spite of my cleaning quirks. They put up with it, anyway. 

Probably one of my most interesting cleaning quirks involves my car. I like it clean. When my car is clean, I feel organized. I might have a list a mile long of things to do and places to be, but I feel organized and ready to face the day after my drive to work in a clean car. Add a little Starbucks action in there and I will quite literally move mountains. (Iced Green Tea. no syrup. It's my vice.) 

So here's the caveat, I have a black car. We live in Arkansas. My in-laws live in Magnet Cove. My sister lives in Greenwood. Kickball is at Whittington Park. Why is that important? Dirt roads, pollen, NATURE attacks my clean car and makes it impossible have my daily moment of zen. 

Typically, I hand wash my car because, let's face it, otherwise it's pointless. After an incredibly tiring week I gave in. Spa City Car Wash opened down the road from the office. My kiddos and I drove through their newest car wash in order to at least wash the dirt off.

The car wash is very straight forward but there is something different about it because NO STREAKS! We all know that you have to hand dry black cars or they streak...but NO STREAKS. I thought it was in my head but that picture of my car above is my car on Monday, three days later. Plus, I got a free vaccuum voucher! So I went back on  Monday and told them thank you. And I will say it again. This busy mom-of-three that works full-time is thankful you opened right down the road. The fact that you are across the road from Starbucks, well that is obviously kismet.
by Amy Hale posted Jul 14 2014 5:03PM
I will preface this list by saying there is a lot of beauty in here. A lot. I can't help it. I'm a beauty product feind. I blame my mother who always told me I needed lipstick. I created a career out of it in many ways. Throughout college I slung mascara on many a set of lashes to make ends meet. Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. 

Regardless, now I have incredible taste and a plethora of cosmetic info that will do me no good whatsoever. I will dump some of that insight here. 

I have mentioned I am very obsessive about my hair. It's a thing. Someone asked me the color the other day. I am sure it is something like "super blonde" or "mega super ultra blonde". What I do know is that it takes some upkeep. I love Purelogy's Perfect 4 Platinum Miracle Filller. This stuff is incredible. This stuff ahs a bit of a cult following amoung blondes but I know a lot of other friends that aren't blonde use it as well. It's an incredible leave-in. 


Another product I love to pieces is MAC lipstick. There are a lot of great lipsticks out there but MAC has an amazing  Back to Mac program. It works like this, bring in six used packages and they will give you a free lipstick. No catch. They also recycle the empties. It's win/win. One of my most-reached-for colors is Chatterbox...fitting, huh?


I am pretty low key about a lot of beauty items. I mean, I love makeup but don't wear it all the time. I do wear eyeshawdow and wouldn't even consider wearing it without Urban Decay Primer Potion. It's become that step that is 100% necessary. Without it, I'll just pass all together. Mainly because this sets my liner and shadow. Without it my eye makeup is non-exsistent an hour later. Why even bother? 


Ok, this one is tough. I am no longer near a Lush store and this place has stupid high shipping costs but I love this stuff SOOOOO much. I am so sensitive and Angels on Bare Skin just works well. I get itchy and the lavender in this is so calming. It's incredible. 


Lastly, I am obsessed with Bath and Body Works Pink Chiffon. It's gotten out of hand. I go there when the buy three get three is going on and I try to find new ones. I REALLY try but I always end up just returning to my sweet, sweet Pink Chiffon. If they discontinue it, I will cry. Fortunately, the store will most likely contact me if this were to happen. They know this would ultimately crush my spirit and they are good people. 


So that's the short list. I will most likey do this often because I am a nut for products. I'll probably leave the office singing "I feel pretty! I feel pretty!" in my house shoes with all this makeup talk.

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by Amy Hale posted Jul 10 2014 2:51PM
I am very busy. At one point I decided to stop using the word "busy" because it has such a bad connotation. Then one day it hit me, I am busy, but I am busy because I choose to be busy. I don't have to do some of the things I do but want to LIVE!!

For Example, my first and foremost...

the husband and kiddos: 

These kids are the perfect blend of mom and dad. I mentioned I was busy, right? Well, it'sbecuase these girls keep me that way. I am so proud of them. I am so impressed with their wit. Daily they amaze me. Here is an example, I pull pranks pretty consistently. Pratical jokes are my love languange.

Exhibit A: Here is a text from some guy named Bricky. I don't know Bricky but it's safe to assume he won't want to be best friends. 


Bricky wasn't amused. 

What does this have to do with my kids being my carbon copy? Here are two examples of my eldest daughter's homework. Column #1 is how she typically writes numbers. Column #2 is how she writes numbers when the directions specifically say," write what the calculator shows". 

This is a constant. There is always some crazy thing these girls are up to. I can never get angry, either, because...well...

Other than work, kids and husband, I also am still acting. It's something I have done since I was a kid. I love improv which is basically sketch comedy created on the spot. It's taking that fear actors have of not knowing their lines and turbo charging it. It's very hard and VERY fun. There wasn't an improv group when I moved back to Hot Springs a year ago, so I started one. We are called Cult Fiction and we just celebrated our first birthday! That's one year of weekly and bi-weekly rehearsals and shows. It's work but it's so fun!

Another thing I am active in is...well, being active...only I don't "do" aerobics. I just can't do it. I CAN play kickball. Maybe not well, but man, do I play. It could be my very favorite thing. My entire family goes out and I play with friends once a week. I played on a league at one point but this current situation is the perfect mix of laid back and competitive. It's awesome. 

I'll stop. I'd keep going but, like I said, I'm busy... but I wouldn't change it. 
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by Amy Hale posted Jul 8 2014 4:46PM
Hope everyone had a great Independence Day! Mine flew by, as most great holidays do. My kiddos complained that we didn't get to do "all the things that we usually do" because I was so busy with all the events at the station and it got me thinking, what makes Independence Day such a great holiday? 

First and foremost, I like easy. I don't do fussy. Example, every Christmas my mother sends me one of those gingerbread houses you put together with pieces of stale cookies, old candy and a frosting-glue hybrid I'm almost positive is toxic. I can't be sure, but I wouldn't advise anyone to test my theory. Every year I make this stupid house because my kids are convinced it's a tradition now. Every year.

Exibit A: Gingerbread House Christmas '09

That's one big reason I love Fourth of July. The extent of prep required is plastic forks, plates and table clothes from Wal-mart and my family doesn't even do that. It's easy and still fun. 

Another reason I am a big fan of the Fourth is because THERE ARE SO MANY ACTIVITIES!

I have said for several years I am going to have to get lake toys but each year we have found so many things to do anyway. Lakes, parks, pools, BBQ's, Magic Springs...so much stuff to do! And outside! (Outside is my favorite.) 

One of the biggest reasons I love holidays is it gives me a time to reflect on what is important. Yes, I should do this all the time but I don't...but I should. I am hoping this changes. I was talking to my dad tonight. He is a pastor and an International missionary. He's seen things. I forget how easy it is to live in America. I try not to take for granted the things I have been given but it is very hard when modern day luxuries are so common place. I have the privledge to live in a country founded on independence. A country that gives us so much. 

Oh, and one last reason, I also like fire...
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