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by Amber Westgate posted May 8 2014 1:49PM
What would you do if I handed you $100 in cash?
Put it toward bills?
Treat yourself to a mani/pedi and a bottle of wine?
Date night with your sweetie?
Here's the deal... KLAZ wants to give you $100 and you can do whatever you want with it!
But you have to get signed up.
Go join the VIP club at www.klaz.com, then listen at 12:10 and 5:10 every weekday.
If we call your name, you have 10 mins 59 seconds to call us back and win $100!
How easy is that???
SUPER easy.
So tell your friends and co-workers to do the same and then listen for each others' name!
... and just in case you're wondering what I'd do with an extra $100....
I'd have this adorable little thing hanging in my closet by the end of next week. :)

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05/08/2014 1:49PM
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05/13/2014 1:43PM
Too bad you don't answer the phone after you announce the name! You called my wife's name today and she tried calling you for over five minutes. No one ever picked up. Nice fake giveaway!
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