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Posts from January 2014
by Ryan Orrell posted Jan 10 2014 11:15AM
Hey ya'll! ;-) Boy do I have some fantastic news for you! J Bravo and his
music have been on rotation at the station for some time but he's knocked
one out of the park with his latest collaboration. It's a song titled "For the Moment"
and features T-Pain and Twista. I spoke with him last night and he's in Hollywood
putting the finishing touches on it. I heard the rough cut and I'M ABSOLUTELY
BLOWN AWAY. In my opinion, it's at least a top 5 hit and I'm excited to
see how it's recieved by the public.

J Bravo is a dear friend and is going to do a WORLD DEBUT of the new
single with me on my show. The date is still to be announced but it will be
very soon. You'll hear the full version FIRST before anyone, anywhere on

What do you all think? Are you excited about hearing the release? I'm stoked!!!! :-)
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