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My Hair is Magic...

by Amber Westgate posted Jan 8 2014 5:08PM
People are constantly commenting on my hair.
And I don't mean people I know. I'm talking random strangers.
They will literally stop me wherever I am and say things like
"Wow! I love your hair!" or "I wish I had your hair. It's so long and pretty!"
Well, I guess it's time to pull the proverbial rabbit outta the magic hat.

It's not my hair.
Ok, it's sort of my hair. I paid for it so technically it's mine.
But it's not the hair I was naturally gifted at birth.
You see, I have a standing appointment with with a magic hair doctor who goes by the name Renata.
Her friends call her Reny.
If you don't know her, trust me, you should.
She works a special magic on my hair I didn't even know existed a year ago.
It's called Hair Locs.
Individually placed extensions that style, bounce, flip, wash and blow in the afternoon breeze like normal hair.
Only it's better. And prettier. And you don't have to wait a bajillion years for it to grow.
It's magic I tell you.
Flawless folicle magic.
And what self-respecting girl doesn't want flawless, magical hair?
So pick up the phone and give the magic hair doctor a call.
I'll even make super easy on you...
just click the link and all the info you need will appear right before your very eyes.
Be sure and tell Reny I sent you!
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01/08/2014 5:08PM
My Hair is Magic...
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