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What's Your Number?

by Amber posted Nov 8 2013 1:30PM
Everyone Has a Number…
Some Silly way to Judge Themselves. To Judge Others.
6 (the size of my jeans)
33 (the years I’ve accumulated)
136 (what my scale currently shows)
And this Number, Though Intangible and Pointless, Begins to Take on a Life of Its’ Own.
Because We let It. And Before Long, It Consumes Us. Every Part of Us.
And Suddenly, we Find Ourselves Obsessed with Changing our Number.
Yet We are Never Satisfied.
The Almighty Number is Never what we Hope it will Be.
And Nothing Else Matters.
We don’t Care if we FEEL Good.
We don’t Care if Our Friends Like our Hair, or Our Outfit.
Or if our Significant Other says We Look Pretty.
Because They aren’t The Standard with Which we Rate Ourselves.
They Aren’t the Number.
But What if we Changed the Number?
7 (strangers that smiled at me today)
3 (hugs from my kids when they left for school)
6 (phone conversations with close friends and family)
30 (minutes I set aside for something that makes me happy today)
How Would we FEEL About Ourselves?
If the Number Was Positive? Even Made us SMILE?
I don’t know, But I’m Willing to Try….
I’m Changing the Numbers.
Because I Can.
So Can You.
So What’s it Gonna Be?
What’s Your Number?

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11/08/2013 1:30PM
What's Your Number?
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11/12/2013 8:58AM
Tis the season
Good stuff to keep in mind for the holiday season!
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