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  • Ashley

    No more Kelly, Jenna, al and jsi??

  • Sheila

    What happened to The Kidd Kradick morning show?

  • Karrie D. West

    My youngest sister’s birthday is Oct 22 and her name is Christina Patterson she will be 28 years old. My youngest son’s birthday was September 10 he is 6 years old and his name is Joshua Allen. My finc’e is having a birthday on March 25 and he will be 33 years old and his name is Jonathan West my oldest son’s birthday is March 14 and he will be 8 years old. And his name is As Andrew Allen. My other sister’s name is Patricia Tucker Page and her birthday is June 2 and she will be 29 years old. My name is Karrie Allen and my birthday is April 23 and I will be 33 years old.

  • Nekoel Clos

    your high and low download is not working

  • Kara Hamner

    Would you play “You don’t own me” by Grace, please?