• Ginger

    Just wondering why it’s so difficult to find a phone number to call to speak to a sales rep??
    Any help on that would be awesome. Thanks!

  • amyehale

    This is Amy, the Promotions Director. I am not sure but am happy to help! Feel free to call 501.525.4600. Thank you!!

  • How so enter to win things like $ lol
    Registering app!?!

  • Amy

    Sign up for the VIP Club!! The registration is on the homepage of the website and we are giving away CASH!!

  • Lisa Blankenship

    Good luck Tiffany Thornton, lover you

  • Kidd craddick died in 2013

  • Irene

    can someone tell me when schedulle of Tiffany Thornton will on air again??

  • Amy

    Tiffany is on the air Monday through Friday from 6-10 on the Kramer and Tiffany show and then again from 10-2. All week days. Thanks!!

  • Irene

    Thanks Amy. please sending my love to her from Indonesia 😉

  • Amy

    Will do!

  • Emily

    Please play “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots. 🙂

  • Ciarra Ryan

    Please play “Sugar, Sugar how’d you get so fly?” It would be greatly appreciated!

  • renee richmond


  • renee richmond

    How do i sign up vip

  • Kirklin

    Can you play the hills by the weekend

  • Jonathan Wells

    Can you play the new eminem

  • Kelsey Post

    So would it be a safe assumption that the parents of the kids are eating Tide Pods believe that the walls are made out of cotton candy as well? Just tryin to make sure I’m understanding them…

  • Ashley Marie

    What’s Amy’s email for Thursday doughnuts?!