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by Apple Wang posted Nov 8 2013 3:32PM

To say that this years Kidd’s Kids trip is going to be “different” is probably the understatement of the year. A Kidd’s Kids trip to Disney without my boy, Kidd Kraddick. It almost makes me want to shed a tear just thinking about it. But the show and the trip must go on. So, two weeks from today, the kids and their families will board a Southwest Airlines Plane and away we go. And never before will the vision of Kidd Kraddick be more clear. To keep this trip ALIVE. Each time we are able to go to Disneyworld without Kidd will be even more amazing than the year before. Man, I hope,  more than anything that somehow, I can do something that will mean something after I’m gone. It doesn’t even have to be anything as GRAND as sending hundreds of people to Disney every year. That would be cool, but it could be something like just having my kids say, “My dad taught me that.” and hopefully, it would be a POSITIVE lesson rather than a negative one. but then again, if they learn from my mistakes and it makes them better people, then I guess that’s ok too.

Playa-del-CarmenOn to something cooler to talk about. My birthday is 6 weeks away and I have no big plan. I have no dinner with friends planned. I have no Big Party planned. I have no trip to Mexico planned and that’s way different than in years past. If there wasn’t a girlfriend in the picture, I would have a plan well underway. I’m sure of that. but going to Mexico by myself for my birthday while my girlfriend stays home to work just doesn’t have the same ring to it as it once did. I want to spend my birthday with her so I will be staying here. UNLESS, she insists that I go to the beautiful beaches of Playa del Carmen by myself. If she does, I guess I will have to go, all alone, kicking and screaming.

Monday is the day that I pick out my new dog. Or as my girlfriend calls it, Our Dog. I’m not sure if it will be a boy or a girl at this point but all I do know is that I am going on Monday to pick my little bundle of joy out but I won’t actually bring him or her home until we get back from the Kidd’s Kids trip. And then the Potty Training, trips to the grocery store for dog food, trips to the Vet, training to sit, stay, get out of the trash, and everything else will begin. I will go and get the doggie beds, 1 for the house and 1 for the bar, this weekend. Yes, I’m going doggie shopping. I can’t get any doggie winter wear until I know if it is going to be a boy or a girl but I can get a few chew toys and other things now. So, it will mean waking up 15 minutes earlier for the doggie bathroom times for me. How pissed off is my new dog going to be when he finds out I wake up at 3:30 every morning??? Maybe I should tell him that up front so he isn’t surprised, huh?

by J-Si posted Nov 8 2013 2:44PM

Hello!!!! Guess what this guy forgot to do when errand day occurred? I thought I did it, but I guess I didn’t. I got home and tried to get a lil sportscenter in. So I turned the TV on, and there was nothing. Whoops. I automatically knew that the cable bill had been ignored. Dang it! So I grab my computer to do a lil facebook stalking… nothing. Yeah, the cable and internet tie in together. Dang it! So what do I do in times like these? I call Kinsey to vent. I created a hotspot with my phone and facetimed. This was the first time I created a hot spot, with my phone. ha!

facetimeWell, apparently Cason got his first black eye. He got in a fight with a slide, and the slide won. Good times. Chloe is doing well, and Kinsey is getting no sleep because Cason is not on California time. He is on that central timezone status, plus we had the “fall back” time change. So he is waking up 3 hours earlier, and I am sure glad I am not there to experience that good time.

So, with no TV, and no internet, I got out of the house and hit up the studio where they are editing the movie. So I got a lil preview of what it looks like. How do I feel about it? I don’t know. It’s just weird to see myself pretending to be a guy. But, I wasnt totally horrified. So I think that’s good. Right? I don’t know how I feel about it yet.

I also ended up doing something pretty spontaneous, that was a last second judgement call, and could have gone horribly wrong. I had to pick a check up at a building. It was a building with about 20 floors on it. I got on with two guys and a girl, who apparently were friends. One of the dudes hit the buttons, and asked where I was going. He was getting off on the 3rd floor, I happened to be getting off on the 4th, and the other guy was going to the 15th floor. They are having a last second chat, and then boom, we hit the 3rd floor. The girl got out first, followed by the guy who hit… as he was walking out, he ran his hand through all the buttons, and they lit up. I personally was not mad, because I was getting out on the next floor, but the other guy did give the, “oh really?!?!?!” Granted, they are friends, so it was followed by a lil laughter as the doors shut. Then my floor came up, just like that. As the doors were opening, he said, “Sorry my friends are such A-holes,” that’s when I noticed something, and made a decision to go for it, so I looked back, smiled, and said, “its ok… but there’s something wrong,” I said this his face got a perplexed look, and I followed through with, “see, they missed one.” There was one light that was not lit up, and I pushed the button. What was one more button gonna do? The guy started laughing, and I heard a “well played” as the doors shut. The rest of the day, I kept thinking that could have gone badly. What if that dude was a crazy guy and came at me… cause he was a big dude. Two out of my three friends said they would have probably punched me. I disagreed, and I am actually glad people can still take jokes and have a good time. So if you are in an elevator and someone plays that trick and misses a button, help them out when you get out of the elevator and finish it off. Its your American duty… I said “duty”. ha!

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