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More Winter Jam Interviews with Amber

105.9 KLAZ has your hookup with tickets for the Winter Jam 2014 tour stop in Little Rock on February 28th and Amber is going behind the scenes with some of the artists on the Winter Jam 2014 tour. She's already done interviews with Thousand Foot Krutch and Lecrae. Now she sits down with Colton Dixon and Jeff Owen from Tenth Avenue North for more talk from your Winter Jam 2014 favorites!

Tenth Avenue North takes its name from an east-west road in Palm Beach County. The group was formed while members attended Palm Beach Atlantic University. It features Mike Donehey on vocals and acoustic guitar, Jeff Owen on electric guitar and backup vocals, Ruben Juarez III on bass guitar and backup vocals, Jason Jamison on drums and Brendon Shirley on keyboard. The band has released three studio albums.

Amber caught up with Jeff Owen between Winter Jam 2014 tour stops and talked about being on the road with family and why he enjoys the crowds at the shows.

Colton Dixon originally auditioned in the tenth season of American Idol, along with his sister Schyler. Dixon returned in season 11, but he did not plan to audition. On February 23, 2012, Dixon was placed in the season 11 Top 25. His elimination was considered a big surprise. Colton's debut album "A Messenger" was released January 29 2013 Sparrow Records. and re-released the album on January 7, 2014. It has also been announced that he plans on releasing his second album in the summer of 2014.

Dixon talked with Amber about his experiences with Idol, his favorite moments and cities on the tour and his Little Rock connection.

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