09:08pm CDT, 09/02/14

It's Coming Soon!

105.9 KLAZ fans…it's quiz show time!  Question one, "Do you want to win 100 dollars in cash? "Question two, "Do you have a name?" Question three, "Do you own a phone?" and the final question, "Do you listen to 105.9 KLAZ?

If you answered "yes" to all four questions you could win 100 dollars cash!  It's the 105.9 KLAZ "Name Game!"  Keep it locked to 105-9 KLAZ, check the website, and KLAZ Facebook page for updates, info, and how to sign up to win!  It's coming soon!  The KLAZ "Name Game"!

It's easy to play and easy to win!  Best of all, it's cash money!  No other radio station has more ways to win than Hot Springs number one hit music station, 105.9 KLAZ!
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