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Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea film a Music Video

Here’s Your Entertainment News

I mentioned on the air today that my boss is making me incorporate Entertainment “News” in my show. I’m doing it because I love my job and am not one to argue. So here are today’s top stories


Our Big Summer Kick Off

Ok, it’s officially summer and my family is so EXCITED! Last weekend we kicked off summer as a family and had a wonderful time. I mentioned in my last blog that I am going to focus on


What happened to my babies?

Last week my youngest turned five. Five sounds so much bigger than four. She might as well be 25. ( obvious sarcasm) When did my girls bet so BIG! I cried dropping them off at school today.


Remodel, huh?

Full disclosure: I know NOTHING about remodeling. Yet, one of the biggest tasks on my plate right now, besides the kids, job, improv group, ect, is remodeling a house. And not just any house, my husband’s family

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