Amy Hale



Here are a few of my favorite things: the Alien franchise, horror movies, anything about paranormal investigation, personal heaters, personal space, personal anything, my gold stapler, peanut butter, improv & stand up comedy, John Oliver, my leopard-twirly chair at work, sleeping, sunshine and hats.

Things I hate: twerking, emoticons, people taking my gold stapler, sappy, love stories

I have spent most my life in a combination of two places, Arkansas and Wisconsin. I love them both dearly and consider both home. I LOVE all things Arkansas and think Hot Springs is one of the best cities in the entire world. I can not imagine a better place to raise my family. I have three girls, Zoe, Isla and Lola, two dogs and my wonderful, man-bun wearing husband, Tony. Life is good.




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  I am beyond thankful the youngest is finally able to sit through films. This hasn’t always been the case. There was a time where Lola would want to RUNNNNN! We decided to take them to Minions


Jurassic World Review: Kid Friendly?

My first year of college i moved into my dorm room with flannel dinosaur sheets. They were wonderful sheets. Wonderful. They had been my younger brother’s sheets,  but he grew out of dinosaurs. Me? NEVER! Dinosaurs. Space.


Movies at the Market

  Some of my very best memories of summer involve rounding up all my friends and heading to the Drive-In. I was heartbroken when I moved from Fort Smith and found a drive-in theater wasn’t a community

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