Jurassic World Review: Kid Friendly?

My first year of college i moved into my dorm room with flannel dinosaur sheets. They were wonderful sheets. Wonderful. They had been my younger brother’s sheets,  but he grew out of dinosaurs. Me? NEVER! Dinosaurs. Space. Aliens. These are all major elements of my love language. Peanut butter is typically in there somewhere, but if dinosaurs are involved, even peanut butter is optional.

So enter Jurassic World. I was going to see it opening weekend if it killed me. My husband told me to just go with out him when we found out he was working until Saturday. But no. I’ll wait!



So I waited. It was hard but I did it. It was so worth it. Now, I would give you a full review but at this point you can find a review anywhere. But what I am consistently asked is,”You saw Jurassic World? Is it too scary for kids?” That, my friend, is a tough question to answer but I’ll do my best.

First you must know that we are in a household that loves action, thrillers, horror and sci-fi movies. My girls are a lot like me. Zoe, my oldest, is anxiously awaiting the new Goosebumps movie.  I say all this to illustrate I don’t know how your kids would react to Jurassic World but I can tell you how mine did.



My girls are 9,7 and 5 years old. Here are their reactions to Jurassic World:

Zoe, 9: Loved it. She is her mother all over again and loves action movies so this was right up her alley.  She was engaged the entire time and her eyes never left the screen. She wanted to watch it again right after it was over. I did, too, honestly.

Isla, 7:  The only kid I was worried about watching Jurassic World was Isla. She is our sensitive child. She’s very concerned about animals and often has difficulty (like her mother) remembering “it’s  just a movie”. Isla had no trouble and, in my opinion, I think it was because the animals hunting and fighting were dinosaurs. She knows they aren’t real and was a lot more apt to go with the flow. She still got emotional but so did I when the brontosauruses were hurt. I’m not lying, little tears crept down my face.

Lola, 5: Lola is my princess and because dinosaurs don’t wear tutus, I thought we may have trouble with her staying put, as in butt in seat. She did have a few moments of wiggley-ness as they set up exposition but first dino on the screen, that kid was mesmerized. She asked a few questions but I had anticipated more. She loved the film. Jurassic World is the first movie that has kept her attention in the history of Lola. It was wonderful!



So here’s the big question? Is Jurassic World ok for YOUR kid? Honestly, I don’t know. I know that’s a cop out but it’s hard to tell someone how their kid will react based on my kid’s reaction. Kids are so different. I can tell you what we did and what worked for us. We had a family movie night where we watched the original. I gauged their reaction to Jurassic Park and decided they would most likely be fine. I was right. The movies are totally different but in the same vein.

So in all, two thumbs up. Well, ten thumbs up because the whole lot of us loved it. Totally exciting and wonderful. You can see Jurassic World at Carmike Central City Ten Cinema in Hot Springs AND get your picture with a HUGE cut out of Chris Pratt and a raptor. RAPTORS!!!!