Amy & Kevin LOVE “Despacito”

Today we talked about how my girls and I are OBSESSED with Justin Bieber’s new song “Despacito”. You may not know, I lived in Guatemala in 7th and 8th grade. As soon as this song played, I was immediately taken there. I could actually smell it! It was so strange.

Now, my kids are obsessed with the song. It’s not abnormal for me to play it several times in a row at the request of one of my mini-me’s, who have also requested we visit Guatemala ASAP.

This is Chichicastenago, Guatemala. This is the town where I lived.


Here’s the break and as promised, the videos so you can check it out for yourself. I am also including  Bieber’s other recent hit that the girls and I are *mildly obsessed with.

Amy & Kevin “Despacito” break: