My Thanksgiving Tips!

Thanksgiving. It’s hands down one of my FAVORITE times of year. Arguably, it centers around food so it’s not that hard to imagine it being my favorite. My entire family, Luke included, come to my house for

Jessica Simpson is having a baby!

Jessica Simpson took to Instagram to announce SHE’S PREGNANT! She is having a little girl, which just makes sense. Something tells me this kiddo will be very well dressed. “This little baby girl will make us a

Thanks for making it weird, smart phone

Crazy thing happened yesterday, but I first need to let you know my stove broke two weeks ago. We went to Brown’s Furniture in Malvern, picked out a new one and said we’d be back in two

I am Honey Boo Boo

Before you read anymore, if you are the type that only reads the opening line, here is the thesis statement: Maybe we don’t fat shame pre-teen girls.  Little history about Amy. I was born in New Jersey

Have you tried the Onion Flu Trick?

Chances are you are like everyone else right now and avoiding the flu like the plague. Or maybe you aren’t! I found out during the plague people used onions to ward off “noxious air”. The idea was