I met a Celebri-TREE!

Last night as I ventured on my Valentine’s Day date adventure, I noticed something I never had seen before. It was a sign in front of a tree stating that this very tree was the “Tree of

Happy Sloths-giving!

  Today is a holiday in our house. Today is INTERNATIONAL SLOTH DAY! We celebrated on the air by having a sloth-themed contest and found tons of sloth enthusiasts. International Sloth Day is a huge day in

APP-y Halloween!!

I have three kids and Halloween is a BIG DEAL at our house. We like to do as much as we can to celebrate and I found some awesome apps that set the tone and make down-time

Is Kesha really KRISTIN CHENOWITH?!?!

I briefly saw something on Facebook this weekend that caught my eye. Now, I am spinning down a rabbit hole of conspiracy theories that might have me re-thinking everything I know. Example: Kesha MIGHT BE KRISTIN CHENOWITH!!