Monsters are real.

    Monsters are real. So many people are scratching their heads, wondering what washed up on the beach in Texas after Hurricane Harvey. It looks like a serpent-blob and, as if that wasn’t scary enough, it

Denny’s mascot looks like crap

Denny’s mascot is not good. It actually looks like crap. Literally. As a matter of fact, I can’t figure out why Denny’s didn’t see the comparison themselves. While it’s just now making the news, the hat-donning sausage

How to be the BEST!

Kevin and I want to be the BEST radio Dj’s but how do you even DO that? I came up with a foolproof way and you can steal it! It’s so easy to do! I explained it

Dancing with the Stars cast announced!

  Ok, it’s time!  I know my mother is on pins and needles and many of you are as well. THEY ANNOUNCED THE DANCING WITH THE STARS CAST!! It was announced Season 25 of “DWTS” will feature Drew

My husband has a problem

My husband has a problem, my cooking. It’s not that my cooking is bad. It’s actually that it’s TOO GOOD! My husband, Tony, loves all my food, really, but when I make Monster Cookies, it’s a whole