Good Lorde, what are you doing?

    Ok, so we know Lorde had the flu, but she performed at the MTV VMA’s anyway, so kudos to you but…WHAT WAS THAT? She was supposed to sing her song “Homemade Dynamite”, but there was

NEW Taylor Swift…and we love it!

I’ve been voicing my Swift theories for about a week now and so far most of them have checked out. The big theories? 1. Her new single dropped last night 2. It’s totally different 3. She will

Kevin gets a poem

Kevin isn’t one to like attention so I love this more than I can explain. Chantilly Boutique in Hot Spring wrote him a beautiful poem in order to win cupcakes. I found out about it this morning

Listeners requesting songs that don’t exist…

Kevin & I get a lot of song requests and we LOVE IT! NEVER STOP! We do, however, notice when a trend. Sometimes people call and requests songs that don’t exist. Today we discusses some of our

The Great Fork Debate

Today we had a HUGE debate about forks today. We aren’t sure if anyone is a winner after this.  

Minecraft Fail

  I am in shock. This summer just flew by. It seems I was just picking up a tiny first grader and now, they are all out of the Primary building! I have a few things planned

Amy & Kevin LOVE “Despacito”

Today we talked about how my girls and I are OBSESSED with Justin Bieber’s new song “Despacito”. You may not know, I lived in Guatemala in 7th and 8th grade. As soon as this song played, I

Move over Romper, ENTER RompHIM!

My Spring/Summer wardrobe staple? The romper.  Romper, oh, how I love thee! Let me count the ways! It’s basically like wearing pajamas  You don’t have to wear actual pants I only make one choice getting ready and