Have you tried this?

I make no apologies over my love of makeup. I started as a makeup artist in college and worked for a ton of major beauty brands. Because I have had my hands on so many great brands


  I am beyond thankful the youngest is finally able to sit through films. This hasn’t always been the case. There was a time where Lola would want to RUNNNNN! We decided to take them to Minions

Jurassic World Review: Kid Friendly?

My first year of college i moved into my dorm room with flannel dinosaur sheets. They were wonderful sheets. Wonderful. They had been my younger brother’s sheets,  but he grew out of dinosaurs. Me? NEVER! Dinosaurs. Space.

Don’t talk about it. Just DO IT!

Have you seen the Shia Labeouf green screen motivational video? Because I have. I watched it A LOT! Many people are, actually. Fans have been recreating the video in jest and I am watching all of them