I am in Mrs. Arkansas!!

  So much thought has gone into this yet now it’s time to talk about it and I have no words. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen on the big day… First, I am doing the Mrs. Arkansas

Holiday Weekend Movie Help

We are a BIG movie loving family. My husband ran a movie theater in Hot Springs all through college and grad school. I helped…if by helping you mean telling patrons they had to sign waivers for “The

Have an App-y Christmas!

I mentioned before I worked for Apple. It was a first for me as I have never worked in technology.  Before that I kind of stuck to cosmetics. Fun fact: I worked at Mac Computers (Apple) and

Mommy’s Little Pop Stars

  I have been singing since I was tiny, actually went to college for it, but it’s always been a pastime. Still yet, I sing all the time making it clear where my girls get it.  

Thank you, Doctors, Nurses/Heros.

  My sister has four girls and and I have three. Between the two of us, we  have a little girl army. These girls are tight. Like real tight. These girls are more like sisters than cousins.