Holiday Weekend Movie Help

We are a BIG movie loving family. My husband ran a movie theater in Hot Springs all through college and grad school. I helped…if by helping you mean telling patrons they had to sign waivers for “The

Have an App-y Christmas!

I mentioned before I worked for Apple. It was a first for me as I have never worked in technology.  Before that I kind of stuck to cosmetics. Fun fact: I worked at Mac Computers (Apple) and

Mommy’s Little Pop Stars

  I have been singing since I was tiny, actually went to college for it, but it’s always been a pastime. Still yet, I sing all the time making it clear where my girls get it.  

Thank you, Doctors, Nurses/Heros.

  My sister has four girls and and I have three. Between the two of us, we  have a little girl army. These girls are tight. Like real tight. These girls are more like sisters than cousins. 

I tried on my wedding dress…

Yesterday was the Unforgettable Bridal and Special Events Show at the Hot Springs Convention Center. Now THAT was fun! I had a chance to emcee the event and my buddy, Kramer, and I hosted a “NearlyWeds Game”.

Life officially got crazy.

Back to school. Bittersweet. On one hand, the kiddos could use some normalcy. Beating the record for consecutive number of hours playing Mindcraft isn’t really something I saw in my oldest’s future but she needs to be

Summer is almost over?!?!

I am in a state of shock. Tax Free Weekend was last week. This is the symbol that it's time to get serious about this going-back-to-school business and I am not happy about it. Where did my