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National Park Medical Center Job Fair

  Make a difference in other people’s lives, while working in a family-oriented environment… National Park Medical Center wants to meet you!  Please join us for a Nursing job fair on Monday, June 20.  Representatives will be

Help the Homeless

In regard to the recent situation at the Park Hotel, I contacted the Jackson House in Hot Springs. If you would like to help they could use the following: 1. tents 2. sleeping bags 3. blankets Also,

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Bring Me All the Pumpkin Spice Things!!!

Kramer and I talked about the Fall pumpkin spice items hitting stores soon this morning on the Kramer and Amy Show.I feel like it’s my job to keep a master list of the pumpkin spice things I

A NEW Splash?

Full disclosure, Splash is one of my all-time favorite films. I regularly quote Eugene Levy in that movie only to have blank stares looking back at me…   So imagine my shock and awe when I hear

It’s called CRACK CHICKEN!

I should not be as excited as I am about this but I love cooking and this recipe speaks to me! It says “make me and eat me RIGHT NOW!” The only down side is it’s name,

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